Writing the thesis outline



Going open access and creative commons licensing

The SPIE journals are redefining their copyright and access policies:

As of January 2013, any article for which a voluntary page charge of $100 per published page is paid will be immediately open access. Authors of these articles will retain copyright under a Creative Commons license. This program will expand access to and readership for your articles and fulfill mandates from employers and funders, as well as helping to support JBO.

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Why blogging?

The Macdrifter tells his reasons.

Then Why?

Here’s why I think I write here: I make this site to find people like me and to do right by them.

I have met many wonderful people by writing here. I’ve met people that share similar interests and my sense of humor. People contact me through the site and it has given me an “in” to contact people I like.

Every article I write and every link I post is done because I assume that there’s a like minded nerd at the other end. I post links for the people I know and like.

via Reasons – Macdrifter.


I totally agree with him. If it weren’t for the people and their comments. Their stories and their blogs, I probably wouldn’t have decided to start blogging. The true reason lies in the community, in the interaction, in the “I wish this guy–who I follow–would read this.”

Lowering your expectations and being cool about it


I wrote this several weeks ago on my Day One journal. When I wrote it I was kind of reflecting on what had happened and what I had learned from the experience. I didn’t really have the intention of sharing it here, but after reading it a couple of times I thought it would be a nice thing to share. I rewrote a couple of sentences and added the links, but it’s mainly the same thing. Continue reading

Envisioning the future your child will live in

student_ipad_school - 002

photo by flickingerbrad

The title of this entry is anything but simple. Trying to teach your child skills that will be useful, not necessarily today, but in the world he’ll have to live in the future sounds great. However, this is probably the holy grail of education plans and curricula, and is for certain no easy feat. Continue reading

The Mac App Store’s future of irrelevance – Marco.org

Marco Arment on the future of the Mac App store:

The Mac App Store is in significant danger of becoming an irrelevant, low-traffic flea market where buyers rarely venture for serious purchases. And I bet that’s not what Apple had in mind at all.

via The Mac App Store’s future of irrelevance – Marco.org.

I personally never have had much confidence on the Mac App store. When an app was available both in and out of the Mac App Store, I’ve always bought it directly from the developer’s site.

Moving referenced images in a markdown file to another folder

The other day I was writing a brief report in multimarkdown which had several images and some code. After I finished the report I decided I would move the images from their original folder to another one. Since there were quite a large number of images, and not all of them were residing in the same directory I thought I’d write a small script. Continue reading