pyLoad for WD MyBook World Edition

For all of you out there that own a WD MyBook World Edition NAS you might find the pyLoad download manager as a true blessing. If you have used or frequently use jdownloader for your downloads, you will find pyLoad very handy. jdownloader is written in java, whereas pyLoad is in python. pyLoad is very light, and it can be operated via command-line, web interface or a regular GUI (not available for NAS devices).

For staters, to be able to install pyLoad you must have Optware up and running. It is a software package repositories maintained by NSLU2 project. They offer access to hundreds of precompiled packages with the latest and greatest software. Go to this link to find out how to install it. Just follow the easy steps and in a few minutes you’re good to go. In that page they also explain how to install pyLoad, although I tried to follow their instructions without success, still don’t know for sure why it didn’t work.

Finally, to install the pyLoad on your WD MyBook you can follow the instructions on this web. It is explained for the D-Link DNS-325 Router, but it worked flawlessly on my WD. There’s one catch, be aware when it asks you for the default Downloads folder. In this webpage they recommend to put /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Downloads/ however in your WD you should put something like /shares/Public/whatever_folder_you_want/.

That’s all. Hope it works for everyone.


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