Matlab, X11 and OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

If you haven’t heard already OS X 10.8 (AKA Mountain Lion – ML) was released this week. For an in depth review I recommend John Siracusa’s review. One of the things that struck me, as I’ve been reading on the new features of ML, was that X11 is no longer included in OS X.

I wondered if there would be issues with Matlab because I’m looking forward to upgrading as soon as I know major bugs have been fixed. From John Siracusa’s review we can expect even (2n) versions of OS X to be stable and the odd versions, not so much. With yearly releases of OS X this might urge one to skip the odd versions. We’ll have to wait and see. To the Matlab issue, I went to the mathworks web page and in the support section they clearly state that they cannot guarantee compatibility, but they do state that the 2012a and earlier versions are “known to generally work”. They also provide instructions on installing X11 on ML, which is now available from the XQuartz project.


6 thoughts on “Matlab, X11 and OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

  1. It could indeed be a problem not to have X11 and have one of those versions of Matlab whose compatibility “cannot be guaranteed”. I ended up upgrading and have managed to get my copy running.
    More details here:

    • I’m actually running r2011a on two machines, one with OS X 10.6 and the other with 10.7. I did think on upgrading to lion my 10.6 machine, but since I knew 10.8 was due this year I decided it was best to wait. With yearly releases it seems better this way.

      Have you had any additional issues, besides Gimp and Matlab? Do you use Macports? Did everything migrate well to ML?

      • Hello! No, I have not had any further problems (yet 🙂 ) Have used macports and things seem to be fine. There are other annoyances though, but that is more to do with the way Apple has changed certain things, for instance the lack of “Activity Window” in Safari…

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