Best of both worlds: Alfred and Spotlight

I wrote a while ago about ditching spotlight in favor of Alfred. However, when listening the other day to Brett Terpstra’s new podcast (Systematic) he mentioned he used both spotlight and Launchbar (which is pretty similar to Alfred) in sort of different ways.

Mainly, he said he used launchbar when he knew exactly what he was looking for and where it was stored, or for launching apps. On the other hand, he used spotlight when he sort of knew what he was looking for. Typing for example kind:pages on spotlight will show you instantly all pages documents, if for instance you don’t remember the name of the file or where it is stored.


This seems like a case of using the right tool for the right job. To me, sometimes using spotlight feels a bit slow, specially when I know exactly what I’m looking for (like launching an app). And this happens, because spotlight indexes everything on your hard drive, whereas tools like Alfred are fast because they just index what you consider to be important , things like the Applications folder, the Douments folder, and mail. So, it seems I won’t be ditching spotlight after all.


One thought on “Best of both worlds: Alfred and Spotlight

  1. Gracias por los consejos! He instalado Alfred, ya veremos qué tal…
    Por cierto, que te vaya muy bien por Zaragoza! 😛

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