Envisioning the future your child will live in

student_ipad_school - 002

photo by flickingerbrad

The title of this entry is anything but simple. Trying to teach your child skills that will be useful, not necessarily today, but in the world he’ll have to live in the future sounds great. However, this is probably the holy grail of education plans and curricula, and is for certain no easy feat. Continue reading


Matlab in iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


I’ve recently found out about a lightweight desktop on your iOS device called MATLAB Mobile. It connects to a MATLAB session running on the MathWorks Cloud or on your computer. It let’s you run scripts, create figures, and view results. I’ve tried it on my iPod Touch and it works great. Haven’t been able to try it on the MathWorks Cloud, but at least in my computer it works great. It has some nice features like automatic parentheses matching and special keys in the extended keyboard so that it is easier to code from the iOS keyboard. You can zoom in a figure, resize it, and play with it just as if you were on your desktop. The fact is that the figure is “actually” doing the same thing in your desktop.

I think this is a nice complement for us that use MATLAB on a daily basis. Either for research or for teaching. It’s a nice way to have the power of MATLAB at your fingertips, without having to carry around a laptop. You can have your predefined scripts and libraries without having to depend on MATLAB being installed on other computers and carrying your scripts in an pendrive. This should become available as well for use on other computers like a special VNC client.

A final note: I’ve also found a similar app from the MATLAB like software GNU-Octave, it’s called Octave Remote. Apparently is does the same thing, however only on the Cloud. I’ve tried some basic things and it seems to work quite nice. At some point it suddenly closed, but this also happens with other apps so it’s not really a surprise. We’ll see how this continues to develop.

The iPod Touch 4

I recently bought an IPod Touch 4. It took me quite a while to convince myself about getting it. It’s not what you could call a cheap present, but still I find it very useful and really cool. I’m actually a kinda retired gamer. Until some days ago I had a PSP, but wasn’t using it much. For the time being almost all my time and resources are focused towards my PhD. So i hardly have the time to play something. So, why the iPod? It might not seem clear at first, but this little (mobile) device is real piece of high-tech. At some point I know for certain, I’ll wonder and ask myself, why is apple kinda holding back the capabilities of this device? There is no simple answer, but even with these small limitations, it’s one heck of a machine. It’s no wonder I’m even writing this very same entry on it. It’s not the same like a regular keyboard, but it does feel nice. Some seventeen years ago, with my 386 I wouldn’t have imagined this. I feel proud of the human intellect, and even if I don’t share many opinions with Apple, I cannot deny that they’ve revolutionized the whole scene of mobile devices. This gadget is no longer a standalone music player… It’s much, much more.