Envisioning the future your child will live in

student_ipad_school - 002

photo by flickingerbrad

The title of this entry is anything but simple. Trying to teach your child skills that will be useful, not necessarily today, but in the world he’ll have to live in the future sounds great. However, this is probably the holy grail of education plans and curricula, and is for certain no easy feat. Continue reading


The iPad as a handheld camera

iPad as hanheld camera

I was recently in Rome for holidays and I couldn’t help but noticing how in every place we went there were people using the iPad as a handheld camera. I know the new iPad has quite a good camera, but really, is it just me or does anyone else think some (or most?) people are prone to careless behavior while traveling and sightseeing. It’s really no wonder why tourists get robbed so easily in many places.

My camera (an Olympus pen) cost me probably as much as an iPad does, and I try to be very careful with it, especially when traveling. I’ll always put the neck strap around my neck when using it near a balcony or a similar place. However, seeing a guy take an iPad with his bear hands in a gallery of the colosseum packed up with tourists, with no means to safely grab it is something else entirely, and it gives me the shivers. If it were only for that, but he also has to manipulate the iPad with one hand, while it rests on the other, in order to take the picture. This is just my impression, but I feel that they’ll be plenty of people using the new Apple Care+ for iPad for being so obsessed with their gadget, resulting in the tremendous incautious attitude. A final thought, I really don’t think the iPad is really that comfortable to carry around as a regular camera. Well have to wait and see if this is a new trend.