Why blogging?

The Macdrifter tells his reasons.

Then Why?

Here’s why I think I write here: I make this site to find people like me and to do right by them.

I have met many wonderful people by writing here. I’ve met people that share similar interests and my sense of humor. People contact me through the site and it has given me an “in” to contact people I like.

Every article I write and every link I post is done because I assume that there’s a like minded nerd at the other end. I post links for the people I know and like.

via Reasons – Macdrifter.


I totally agree with him. If it weren’t for the people and their comments. Their stories and their blogs, I probably wouldn’t have decided to start blogging. The true reason lies in the community, in the interaction, in the “I wish this guy–who I follow–would read this.”